What technology profiles are companies looking for?

March 30, 2023

Web development is progressing at an incredible speed these days. Users are getting more control and power and companies are changing their services as per user needs. Now, more than knowing about HTML, you need to know other concepts ranging from responsive design to JavaScript to generate a page. So, it’s time to take a look at the top trends of the past year in web technologies and JavaScript in particular.


Front end developer

The Front-end is closely related to the graphical interface of the project. That is, it is where the application is developed with which the user will interact directly, whether in software, websites, applicatives. The Front-end takes care of the layout and design, using languages ​​such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Some frameworks like Backbone.js, React and Bootstrap are some indispensable technologies that companies and their recruiters are looking for.

Main Points of Attention:


With ongoing development of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, designers need to ensure that their website appears correctly in browsers on all devices. This can be done by creating a responsive, web design using CSS style sheets.


Performance goals are primarily concerned with rendering time, manipulating HTML, CSS, and Java Script to ensure the site opens quickly.

Rapid development

This technology allows rapid development and saves time.

Backend developer

The Back-end is the one who takes care of what happens behind the scenes of the site. That is, it is responsible for the server that hosts it, for data storage, authentication and network configuration. Among the languages ​​used by this professional are Java, Python and PHP.

Main Points of Attention:

Databases and servers

A server is responsible for providing services to computers. Databases are like huge sources of information, and it’s through them that applications become dynamic.

Data securities

Data is considered a valuable asset and is constantly under attack. It is the Backend’s concern to implement security policies

Full stack developer

The full-stack developer is the one who needs to know everything that goes into building websites to determine how the client (visual) part and the server part will work together.

JavaScript: the current language in web development

According to the Developer Survey conducted by Stack Overflow, 69.7% of the 47,184 professional developers surveyed preferred JavaScrip. Its rich ecosystem with plenty of frameworks, libraries and other useful tools, as well as a huge community of JavaScrip developers. Thus, it is almost impossible for JavaScript to be taken out of leadership positions in web development.

Javascript has grown so much that several platforms have been developed on top of this language. One of the most important is Node.js, which opened new doors for Javascript, now also allowing the creation of server applications, opening a new and immense range for developers who wrote programs in this language.



In addition to Web applications, thanks to Node.js and the ecosystem created around it that further boosted Javascript. Nowadays it is also possible to find many jobs looking for Mobile applications using frameworks such as VueJS and Ionic Framework.

Teamwork and Adaptability are fundamental Soft Skills

Engagement and involvement in the process, combined with active participation, contribute to the punctual and orderly delivery of results, increasing employee performance and customer satisfaction. Teamwork enables trust between members, supports healthy debate and the exchange of ideas to find an optimal solution, and creates an environment for the responsible and productive development process. Flexibility allows you to adapt to the changing environment and your requirements increase the value of the software developer and make them more indispensable in the workplace. In general, flexibility and adaptability are highly valued among employers and can be a significant asset to the professional.

Wrapping up

Developer profiles having these front, back or full stack skills get exceptional jobs. It is important to remember that the software development process is not limited to coding, but also involves skills beyond and a lot of open-mindedness, being creative and problem solving, a lot of communication with the people involved in the project and integrative actions.

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