UX Writing is increasingly important in communication and product improvement

March 13, 2023

UX writing is a very valuable tool for optimizing a user’s experience on your digital platforms. Unlike copywriting, this type of writing must value objectivity, using simple terms and passing direct messages. Its effective application depends on a collaborative environment and understanding of the persona and other strategic elements of your marketing plan.

In the book Strategic Writing for UX, Torrey Podmajersky shares his knowledge and experiences working as a UX writer for Xbox and Google. In addition, she guides you on how to choose words better and communicate more efficiently.

Nothing better than a practical example of how UX writing powers products. In her talk at Google, How Words Can Make Your Product Stand Out, content strategist Maggie Stamphill talks about a simple change they made when users search for a hotel using Google. Previously, it said “Book a room”. Maggie explains that people aren’t ready to commit to booking a room. She was asking too much too soon. Maggie and her team changed it to “Check Availability”. This version meets the user where he is on the journey. They just want to know what’s available before they commit.

Why UX writing is key to better products

UX Writing is the practice of properly utilizing the words that people see and hear when they interact with software. It is about facilitating the conversation between a product and its user.

The main aspects that make UX writing good are: clarity, consistency, accuracy, self-awareness, lots of proofreading, and careful attention to context and audience.

Great UX writing is efficient. It doesn’t take up space with unnecessary details. It doesn’t overwhelm users’ screens or minds. Google at its annual I/O event brought the following information to serve as a guide for UX writing professionals:

User First: Focus on Your Users

Clear: Write in jargon-free language with context

Concise: Write in a style that is efficient and scannable

Helpful: Write in a way that drives the next action

On Brand: Define your brand voice and apply an appropriate tone

Because it exists in the context of software, UX writing has unique restrictions. You often have to use very few words and still communicate a lot of meaning simultaneously.

Text needs to help users and companies achieve their goals. It works together with interaction design and visual design to create an experience greater than the sum of its parts, requiring a consistent strategic partnership with UX, UI, Engineering, Product professionals, and other stakeholders of a squad, that is, a team. multidisciplinary grouped by product.

“As good as its interface is, it would be better if there was less of it.” — Alan Cooper (Interface Designer) Cooper is known for his books on the face: The Essentials of Interaction Design.


Necessary journalistic skills

UX Writing is more functional, less creative compared to conventional journalism. Your mission will be to ensure that your text is fully understood by the user to the point of anticipating possible doubts and avoiding possible confusion. In the UX routine we have a lot of tasks on par with conventional journalism such as:

  • Competitive research — to see how other similar companies operate successfully and unsuccessfully.
  • Conversation Mining – analyzing how people talk about a particular application/product/website/service online by looking at commonly used words/phrases.
  • User interviews – asking thoughtful questions that reveal a person’s perception of your hypothetical app/site/service, what those expectations are, and having their expectations met, how they feel about a specific copy.
  • User personas – identify and keep in mind who your app/website/product/service would ideally serve.

UX salary ranges

According to UX Collective (ISSN: 2766-5267) an independent, non-profit publication made by designers for designers, UX Designer salaries in Brazil are in the following scenario:

• Interns and assistants with BRL 2,144.00*

• Junior Analysts with BRL 3,943.00

• Full Analysts with BRL 6,203.00

• Senior Analysts with BRL 8,761.00

• Consultants and specialists with BRL 8,626.00*

• Leadership positions with BRL 9,326.00*

Average salaries in other countries:

Top 5 countries with the highest average wages

  • United States: US$ 110,652.80
  • Switzerland: U$85,527.00
  • Canada: U$69,569.70
  • Australia: US$62,859.33
  • Norway: US$ 62,516.67

Source: https://uxwritinghub.com/

We have a deep integration with technology into our daily and social lives, as well as a great need for people who are intuitively good at anticipating what words are needed and when to use them.

It’s an exciting role, writers now have opportunities to bring their storytelling experience to technology. UX writing plays a big role in making a product better.

The work of the UX Writer has been increasingly valued in the midst of technology, as companies have come to realize that communication has become the key to achieving a good relationship and connection with new consumers.

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Refer a UX, Digital or Tech professional and you can win a U$100 gift card from Amazon when your friend gets hired.
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