UX Writing is at the Core of Every Digital Product

January 11, 2023

UX Writing is the practice of the user experience, that is, the words that people see and hear when interacting with the software, based on concepts directly linked to design, information architecture and content.

It is about designing the relationship between a product and its user, providing countless benefits for businesses that want to stand out and, consequently, profit more.

Creating a digital presence for business is essential. The Internet grows every day. The most recent figures, according to a report produced by We Are Social and Hootsuite in January 2021, point to 4.66 billion users on the network.

Interestingly, the same report points to the existence of 5.22 billion users with mobile devices. If the planet has, according to estimates of July 2020, a global population of 7.8 billion people, then more than half of the world is connected to the network.

The global pandemic and national lockdowns have brought a sudden change to the way we interact with the world, both digital and real. It has impacted the current state of UX and formed a foundation for the 2021 UX trends.

Some large corporations, like IBM, have declared that even after the pandemic they will continue to use home office employees, saving expenses in office space and employees transport back and forth to offices.

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UX Fundamental for Every Digital Product

User experience (UX) is at the core of every successful digital product, from a two-person startup to a giant like Amazon or Google. Unfortunately, there can be no universal UX design rules. Users’ needs and preferences change. So, designers come up with new ways to keep people interested and willing to pay.

2020 saw a major shift in online behavior and usage. Therefore, any UI/UX design agency for startups working on new projects in 2021 should keep an eye out for a way to implement these trends.

Small to large companies are adopting this new culture rapidly. So, the demand for remote and virtual tools and services is skyrocketing. The design of the latest and old services is revamping while giving virtual collaboration a priority. According to TechBullion, these trends continue to rise in 2021.

The UX Writer operates within the universe of user experience, being responsible for thinking all the text part of digital products, which includes titles, descriptions, calls, buttons and explanatory texts for websites, platforms, applicative, programs, etc.

A UX Writing professional is concerned not only with the grammatical quality of the text, but also with the ease with which the message is read and interpreted by the user. In UX Writing, objectivity and clarity are more important than elaborate texts.

A good professional should be as intuitive as possible so that the user can navigate through the digital product without difficulty and without abandoning the process halfway through by not understanding a specific command or textual explanation.

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Metrics to Measure Users’ Satisfaction

Users need to feel comfortable trying out the various digital products they consume. UX studies search through metrics to measure the satisfaction of the users’ flow until reaching their goal. The simpler and more intuitive the better.

Because it exists in the context of the software, UX writing has unique restrictions. Often, it has to be extremely concise and yet communicate a lot of meaning at the same time.

It has a lot in common with poetry: it is a concentrated language.

“If we want users to like our software, we must design it to behave like a pleasant person: respectful, generous and helpful.” Alan Cooper (American software designer and programmer)

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Intuition and Clients’ Needs Fundamental for Superb UX Writing

UX writing displays an intuitive understanding of the user’s emotions, intentions and needs at the moment, UX writing is a necessary part of any software. It guides users on your product and helps them achieve their goals.

Prioritize simplicity, clarity, efficiency and always remain true to a brand. Keep your users empathizing with everything you do using the right language. Your ultimate goal is to help clients discover how to use your product successfully.

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