The new generation of professionals

February 8, 2023

By 2030, gen Z will make up 30% of the US workforce  (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). With different characteristics from the previous generations, gen Z is the first digital-native generation.

This new generation of professionals differs in many ways from the previous ones, and is expected to promote a big cultural shift in companies.

The best way to be ready to welcome these talents is to know what makes them unique, what are their best qualities and pain points. Let’s dive in:

What defines the Generation Z?

Gen Z is the most diverse generation ever (Pew). They don’t feel comfortable with labels, and it reflects in their work life in an interesting way.

The new generation of professionals tend to enter the work market with a diversified profile, presenting both technological, analytical, managerial and creative skills (Deloitte).

This implies a more fluid composition of the roles inside corporations, as companies need to see the potential of the talent and give space and opportunities for them to thrive, adding the most value to the company.

Generation Z is pragmatic and realistic. Coming from an economic recession, this generation is stability-oriented, preferring stable jobs than a higher salary (McKinsey).  

How are Millennials different from Gen Z?

A great difference between them is that Gen Z is pragmatic, while Millenials are idealistic (Salesforce). The optimism of Millennials didn’t resist the economic pressure in which Gen Z was raised.

Considering the almost 45% drop in Gen Z’s parents net worth in the Great Recession, now that they turned into adults, Gen Z members focus on long-term value and worry more about spending money.

Another great difference between Millennials and Gen Z is their collaborative nature. While Millenials like to work in groups, Gen Z tend to be more independent. 69% of Gen Z members would rather have their own workspace than share it with someone else (Ryan Jenkins).

The two generations also disagree about education: While Millennials trusted the formal education system, 75% of their Gen Z peers say there are other ways of getting a good education than going to college (Sparks & Honey).

How to attract and retain Gen Z workers?

As Gen Z is the one that looks for expressing their true selves, companies must prepare their cultures to support the new generation at work. These are some examples of what companies can do to attract Gen Z professionals:

Flexible work arrangement

The digital-native generation that has been through a pandemic right when entering the work market already knows they can work from anywhere. More than that, this generation wants to shape work around their life.

Working in remote or hybrid arrangements and having flexibility at work are essential to this generation.  

In-house training

Considering Gen Z do not define themselves in only one way, it’s crucial to focus on the potential of each individual more than in its current fit with the company’s opportunities. Companies must develop internal apprenticeship programs to hire talented people before they are completely ready and develop the talent internally.

A good strategy to hire diverse employees is recruiting people while they are still in college and allow them to discover how they can contribute to the company’s goals in a way they truly identify with.

Personalize career paths

To attract Gen Z talent, it’s necessary to rethink the talent model as we know it. That’s because the regular career path is too narrow for a generation that has multiple sets of skills and no appreciation for labels.

Instead of having Gen Z fitting into a pre-established job function, companies should shape the job functions around employer’s skill sets and stimulate them to transition, collaborate and communicate intersectionality.

Promote inclusion & diversity

Generation Z is the most racially and ethnically diverse generation ever (Pew). This is why inclusion and diversity are crucial to Gen Z when choosing a job.

Aspects like the reputation of the company, the initiatives towards inclusion and the actual diversity in the workplace are key factors that will be analyzed by Gen Z job seekers.

Hiring Gen Z professionals

The entry of Gen Z members to the work market brings big shifts in several aspects for talent management. Preparing your company to welcome them is more than strategic.

We specialize in finding the best digital professionals to help companies to implement new projects and achieve bigger goals. Is your company looking for digital talents? Contact us here and let us take care of the recruitment for you.  

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