The most targeted soft skills in developers

March 13, 2023

Learning to code is the first step to becoming a developer: but, what are some of the characteristics associated with being a good developer? Web developers design and build websites. They are responsible for the look and feel of the website, and for the technical aspects of the website such as its performance and capacity, which are measures of the speed and amount of traffic the website can handle. However, in addition to the code, with the high competitiveness, developers with certain characteristics tend to find success in the field:

Analytical mindset

Analytical thinking means being able to do a good analysis of how the company is doing and where it is going based on metrics, data and numbers, never based on personal opinions or “feelings”.

• Good skills for systems thinking. Even writing a simple web page, it also occurs at the intersection of many complex systems (browser, HTML/CSS specifications, Internet, etc.).

• Passion for problem solving. This is a big part of programming, no matter what kind of developer you are.

• The ability to balance the big picture and the small details.


Being a flexible professional means being open to change and prepared to deal with different tools, ideas, interactions, etc. It is also having a vision of the future, understanding that more transformations are to come and that updating in this direction is the best way to progress in your career. This is a feature so closely related to the individual’s thinking and is the reason why is also called ‘soft skills’ which is a term for behavioral traits and social and emotional skills.

• No matter which programming language the expert is in, the reality is that code can be unpredictable.

• You need to be able to change context or align a project unexpectedly and then pick up from where you left off.

• Must have the ability to adapt and react to problems as they emerge (often unexpectedly and often urgently).

• In the technology sector, changes occur all the time, so it is important to be able to adapt to the needs of your company or product as they change.

Love of learning

When we learn new things, our neurons make new connections between them and strengthen existing ones. Imagine that our brain is a thick bush with some trails in the middle. When we learn new things, it is as if we are forging new paths or extending existing paths. Thus, the probability of passing through this bush increases and is possible to increase the number of paths we can follow. When we learn new things, this is what happens in our brains: we open up new ways of thinking. In this way, we keep our minds active. Learning new things is like exercising your brain.

   • There is always something new to learn from technology, which is a huge draw for many in the industry. You will always be alert and expand your knowledge.

    • The technology is also very dynamic and fluid. It is constantly growing, changing and developing. As a professional, you need to keep abreast of the industry sector and new technologies.

    • When a bug or problem occurs, you need to investigate its cause and understand the problem before you can effectively resolve it.

Team Work

Teamwork is when two or more people come together to develop some task in pursuit of a common goal. In other words, its main function is to unite diverse people who will dedicate all their energy, time, knowledge and resources to finding solutions to problems or creating new things.

In a corporate environment, this is where you most often hear about teamwork. Because in addition to improving coexistence between professionals, it also benefits companies. In it, teamwork brings together several people with different qualities, experiences and knowledge to achieve the same goal. It is very beneficial for everyone.

As a Developer, you not only collaborate with other web developers, designers and engineers, but also with other teams in your company. You can work closely with marketing, support or sales teams, or directly with customers. Thus, you have to know how to work well as a team.

Whether you work remotely or as a team, collaboration and communication with colleagues and stakeholders are critical to success.

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