Mexico: The Next Talent Hub of LATAM

March 3, 2023

Mexico finds itself in a scenario of continuous effort to innovate and expand its infrastructure and dominate new sectors, and has sought out great centers of digital transformation in the world.

Mexico is located in North America. A country with continental dimensions, the 13th country in territorial extension with a population of over 126 million.

Currently, nearshore development is a predominant practice for the outsourcing of Information Technology (IT) services. As per Statista, 64% of companies use outsourcing (outsourcing of workers) because thus, getting custom software development services by an outsourcing company results in quality software at an affordable price.

Companies have two options when it comes to outsourcing: offshore or nearshore and nearshoring is much more convenient.


Mexico’s universities are inspired by the US and the European educational systems. The country’s government gives priority to its educational system allocating billions of dollars for the continuous improvement of education. Mexican universities have an international reputation for their superb study programs in business and finance. In recent years more than 75 partnerships have been inked by Mexican universities and the US.

Currently, concepts such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), big data, machine learning, blockchain or 5G are a reality and force Mexican companies and workers to adapt.

During the last edition of the Davos Forum, experts from all over the world made it clear that virtually any job will require skills in a very short time, such as web development or graphic design. And those skills are growing exponentially in Mexico. And, to better understand the scenario and how Mexico has accelerated its digitization, you can check it out in an article already written by us:

Time Zone Convenience

Mexico is an ideal choice for North American companies as it shares practically the same time zone. Therefore, more convenient videoconferencing calls, align the project in real time where you can save a lot of expenses. In addition, if necessary, face-to-face meetings will facilitate the general management of the team, due to availability for more frequent face-to-face visits.


Mexico has been greatly affected by the United States in its culture, in the field of politics and behavior, having many similar aspects. There is a steady immigration of Mexicans, according to today, more than 55 million people – nearly a fifth of the population of the United States – are Hispanics, two-thirds of whom are of Mexican origin. It is natural for Mexicans to know the customs and culture of the United States, as they watch American television, listen to American music and bands, etc.

Outsourcing to India or China is a big challenge to find professionals with familiarity with, or adequate to, American culture, problems not found in Mexico.

When outsourcing in Mexico there will also be no language barrier because, according to El Financeiro, they can understand key points of conversation and can talk about topics that are familiar to them.


In general, the costs of living in Mexico are lower than typical US expenses. Wages in Mexico are more competitive than in the US. Paying your IT specialists in Mexico less than you would pay an American specialist doesn’t mean you get less quality. According to the Stack Overflow website, the main tool for queries about coding, Mexico is in 26th position in answers on the platform, ahead of countries like Denmark and Ireland, for example.

Main Outsourcing Challenges for Mexico

The challenges in Outsourcing in Mexico are very similar to those found in other countries:

Outsourcing is the best way to get your work done at a lower cost. However, like everything else, it has its own risks. This is why it is important to be careful and avoid arbitrary outsourcing of personnel; establish schedules; carefully evaluate the provider and look for references; have a clear contract and explicit payment structure to establish clear communication.

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