Main Model for Staff Augmentation

March 3, 2023

The term “Staff Augmentation” was first coined by Gartner, Inc. in 1988. It has been used to refer to several different forms of organizational change, but has typically been used for the form that involves adding external resources to the organization. an organization’s team without altering its other structures. This outsourcing model consists of hiring developers for some time.

In recent years, the Staff Augmentation model has seen significant growth due to the flexibility and scalability of teams and businesses. It allows companies to increase their productivity by adding the right skills to integrate their existing team per project. Every modern business needs to meet its IT needs to succeed and stay in a competitive market.

IT Staff Augmentation allows companies to add employees to their teams based on their skills to support their business. The expanded team acts as an extension of the existing team. In this model, resources are provided by the team extension company. It gives the company new perspectives.

As per the Businesswire report, worldwide software market revenue reached $968.25 billion in 2021. Statista predicts radical revenue growth for the coming years.

Why do startups need increased resources and employees?

It is an attractive and popular option for organizations of all scales and sizes. Well, below we have listed some considerations that make increasing resources and personnel an uptrend for companies.

  • Meets strict deadlines
  • Internal hiring is more expensive
  • Cost benefit
  • Facilitates Specialized Skill Gap
  • Employee turnover continues to increase today
  • Searching for and hiring new employees involves a lot of time and effort
  • It becomes difficult to focus on real talent with complicated hiring practices
  • Flexibility

Search for qualified people across the globe Lack of IT specialists in the local market

The CBI/TCS report Delivering Skills for the New Economy, which surveyed 250 companies, reveals that more than two-thirds (67%) of companies across the UK have unfilled digital vacancies. Only a third (31%) are confident that UK companies will be able to access the digital skills they need in the next three to five years.

In Brazil, this shortage should be more than 408 thousand jobs during 2022. As a result, the accumulated losses between 2010 and 2020 have already reached R$ 167 billion. Data are from Softex, a social organization dedicated to promoting the IT area.

Pros of increasing IT staff

Staff Augmentation services involve the allocation of dedicated technical resources, usually offshore, contracted as offshore development extensions of in-house application development teams on fixed or flexible terms and conditions.

This is a service where the provider will augment the customer’s workforce with qualified people. The Customer is still responsible for managing the people and the work they will perform. Software developers are hired based on their technology skill set.

Staff Augmentation strengthens personnel management

It allows you to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions and easily add new skills to your team. It is not an exclusive dynamic of any other, it can be used to outsource an entire team, but also a part of it, or even specific tasks.

Provides effective integration with internal processes

Integration aims to reinforce, with employees, the importance of working as a team and adding existing forces to achieve satisfactory results and the growth of the organization.

This model has high technical expertise

Qualified professionals with a history of delivery and responsibility

Scalable staffing needs

Being scalable means being able to grow fast. Generally, to do so, it is necessary to develop a management model that can be reproduced quickly.

Given the universally recognized shortage of IT specialists, companies working under rapidly changing business conditions have the option of hiring temporary staff to assist their in-house teams.

When implemented wisely, the Staff Augmentation model can be highly beneficial for all stakeholders involved in software projects. Staff Augmentation has the features you need to keep your business productive. Additionally, staff growth provides elasticity to increase or decrease resources based on your business needs.

If you are looking for a reputable IT staff augmentation company, The Bridge is the perfect choice for your project. Concerned about exceeding simple digital recruitment, the Startup is a market curator, selecting and bringing together the best talent and job opportunities. As specialists in outsourcing and headhunting for both freelance and permanent opportunities, our mission is to connect top talent with outstanding companies.

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Refer a UX, Digital or Tech professional and you can win a U$100 gift card from Amazon when your friend gets hired.
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