Latin American Countries to Build a Digital & Tech Career

January 12, 2023

The Latin America is turning into a vibrant tech-friendly region. Business opportunities have emerged from structural issues in many countries, and startups that address their efforts to solve these problems see a blue ocean of unexplored market potential.

The rise of high-tech companies in Latin America has opened opportunities for digital talents to build successful careers. The most in-demand areas are Front-end and back-end web developers, Data Engineers, Digital Marketing experts, and Business Development Specialists.

High Tech companies eyeing Latin America as new digital and talent frontier 2020s

Why Latin America?

The region is home of some of the most successful startups in the globe, like iFood, Pagseguro, Gympass and Despegar. This poses the region as a huge, yet emerging tech pole that is looking for talents to meet the businesses needs.

The fintech boom in the region turned out into a high and consistent wave of investments in Latin America. At the same pace, the banking sector modernizes and innovates, following the digital transformation process in many countries.

As the region is facing a shortage of qualified professionals in these fields, the companies struggle to find the perfect candidates to fill in the positions. The scarcer these professionals are in latin countries, the most valued by the market become the existing professionals.

An experienced digital professional finds a fertile soil for a blooming digital career in LatAm. The investments in high-tech companies won’t stop in the region, and the demand for talents tends to increase much more.

Latin America: Before and After Pandemic

Countries that attract most talents

Latam offers opportunities in many countries. But the most prominent tech hubs offer the best environment to develop a digital career.


It’s famous prosper business environment attracts companies from all over the world, and is now aspiring to become one of the leading sources of tech-professionals in Latin America.

Home of NotCo, Chile provides IT talent and services for local businesses, with the advantage of closely watching these businesses’ particularities and offering more personalized services to the companies.

Chilean outsourcing firms, like The Bridge, are addressing the mission of expanding the boundaries for digital & tech professionals and making business, relying in it’s robust infrastructure.


With the larger IT industry in LatAm, Mexico is one of the 3rd largest IT exporter in the world. The proximity with the United States turns Mexico into a talent pool for the north country.

The local government supports the development of mexican tech hubs and talents with STEM training programs.

The country has a complete infrastructure to support the tech growth, mostly due to the more than 5000 foreign companies installed there.

Mexico accelerates its digital transformation


The country where the unicorn Rappi was born, is worthy of the title of a promising place for a great digital career.

The colombian government has invested heavily in attracting IT external companies and  training programs for tech talents.

With an imponent infrastructure, the country aims to become a reference in the IT industry.

The places that received most investments were the capital Bogotá and Medellín.


The largest economy in Latin America with unicorns as Nubank, Brazil has a pool of talent that represents around 250.000 IT professionals.

In its favour, Brazil has its infrastructure, a good political and economic environment and the cultural compatibility in business practices. Characterized for being a diverse country, a large number of foreign businesses run operations there

Moreover, language is no longer a barrier, as Brazilians IT professionals generally speak English as a second language, they are in high demand by foreign companies.

How to find a good job position to work in Latam?

As you’ve seen, the panorama for tech talents is encouraging. This is definitely the moment for Latin American professionals to find good career opportunities to grow, either in localas in foreign companies.

The Bridge offers different opportunities for digital professionals of all areas, such as:

  • UX Design;
  • IT (Data, Mobile, Tech Lead, QA, Architecture, Devops, and others);
  • Product Owner, Product Manager, Product Designer;
  • Agile.

We have opportunities in many latin countries, like Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Mexico. Check our open opportunities and let us build the bridge to your next big step in your digital career.

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Refer a UX, Digital or Tech professional and you can win a U$100 gift card from Amazon when your friend gets hired.
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