Jamaica Invests Heavily in Digital Talent

March 3, 2023

Jamaica is located in the Caribbean Sea, where it is part of a group of small islands developing states known as the Greater Antilles. The country has undergone a profound technological transformation, drawing the attention of the international market.

The government’s dream is for Jamaica to become the Silicon Valley of the Caribbean and the move towards online business is seen as an opportunity for small businesses to innovate. The government has implemented a coding academy where thousands of young Jamaicans are trained as software developers to create cutting-edge technologies through the Amber HEART Coding Academy.

The services that can be provided as a result of this are incredible and the benefits exponential. This will create a whole new industry, offering new opportunities for Jamaican youth. (Jamaica Observer)

Number of Companies Grows Exponentially

Business registration and business formation numbers in 2021 significantly eclipsed those of the previous year by 33% and 24%, respectively, according to the Jamaica Business Office (COJ).

“In terms of work from home, digitization and digital transformation, the adoption of AI (artificial intelligence) and how people can now create very lean business operations that don’t require a lot of physical manpower and human resources and they are able to deliver services and products to their customers digitally. “I think ease of operation is certainly one of the driving forces” Yaneek Page, International Business Instructor and Coach and Business Writer for the Jamaica Observer.

An AI company founded in early 2020 aims to make Jamaica the Global HUB for Analytics and AI innovation.

Increasing the efficiency, prescriptive capabilities and sustainability of the operations and people that drive our economy. Empowering workers from all sectors to apply analytics and machine learning at work.

Jamaica’s Population – Size Does Not Matter

• In 2021 Jamaica had a population of 2.97 million.

• 50.4% of Jamaica’s population is female, while 49.6% is male.

• 56.5% of the Jamaican population lives in urban centers, while 43.5% live in rural areas

• There were 1.63 million internet users in Jamaica as of January 2021.

• Internet penetration in Jamaica stood at 55.1% in January 2021.

(Data Reportal)

English is the official language

It’s one thing to know a language, another to master it. Competitiveness and competition demand a lot from the professional and correct and assertive English communication is essential.

One of the biggest challenges of the professional is to adapt quickly to communicate with native people in the language of other nationalities.

Jamaica does not have the language barrier problem, as the official language is English, a legacy of the colonial process exercised by the British. This places it in a privileged position in the market.

Technology in the Vein

Jamaica’s track record is synonymous with success in tech careers: Here’s a list of some outstanding Jamaican accomplishments that have had a profound impact on technology.

Invention of the Lingo programming language used in Adobe Director, by John Henry Thompson. The language is used for animation, web design, graphics, sound and video games in addition to methods and devices for managing mobile content also authored by Thompson and others.

Jobs in Jamaica

The growth of job offers in the country in the area of ​​software development is very strong, according to linkedin and google Jobs. Jamaica offers vacancies for:

∙         Back End Developer

∙         Full Stack Developer

∙         Senior Software Developer

∙         UI/UX Designer

The most requested technologies are: PHP, JavaScript, HTML, Java, Python with a salary of US$10 to US$20 per hour.

Artificial Intelligence Grows in Jamaica

Jamaica is embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Research indicates that 30% of all day-to-day companies intend to implement artificial intelligence as part of their digital transformation strategy.

Finding qualified talent who is fluent in English and passionate about what they do is the biggest challenge for most industries today. Opportunities for professionals in the field are many and Jamaica’s history, culture and capabilities have much to offer in ensuring access to qualified professionals and a technological atmosphere.

Find the best opportunities

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Refer a UX, Digital or Tech professional and you can win a U$100 gift card from Amazon when your friend gets hired.
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