How much do digital professionals earn?

February 8, 2023

Industry’s check up

In the research for our Digital Salary Guide we’ve collected answers about salaries, careers and work environment from the perspective of different profiles of digital professionals, like Developers, Designers, Agile and Marketing professionals.

The Guide allows a panoramic look into the digital market and brings light into some patterns (such as location, seniority and profile) that influence the remuneration a professional gets.

The analysis of the survey’s results points to

How does salary impact the ability to attract candidates?

Money is not the only thing to consider when accepting or leaving a job, but it was pointed out as the second main motivation for changing jobs in our survey.

To avoid losing diamond professionals to the feeling of unfairness, companies need to study what is the average salary for each profile they want to hire, and make an offer that keeps up with the market.

Of course other factors count into the final number. The company’s context and the candidate’s skills level must be taken in consideration too.  

Finding your Market Value

Answer honestly: do you think you could be making more money by now? Knowing how much companies are willing to pay for the same job you do is the key for finding your market value.

Maybe you are more interested in knowing how much you could be earning in another profession. In the Digital Salary Guide you will be able to see the average salary ranges for different profiles and fields of work.

Finding your market value will help you understand whether you  are earning according to the market average, and, if you are making lower money, then you can set your salary expectations in a more fair way from now on.

How do people in your workfield get skilled?

The market demands professionals that are always updated on the last trends and technologies. But is there a proven relation between training and higher salaries?

Additionally, which kinds of certifications are most demanded by companies? And how are people gaining new skills? Find out in the Digital Salary Guide.

How many digital professionals work remotely?

Working remotely can represent an improvement in well-being, lifestyle and productivity, but how many digital professionals actually work from home?

Actually, they are not necessarily working from their houses. With the increase of opportunities to work remotely, many professionals are becoming digital nomads.

If this lifestyle is tailored for you, how about checking the profile of the remote workers’ share in the results of our Digital Salary Guide?

Staying longer in a company grants a bigger salary?

Retaining workers is usually beneficial for companies. Is it also a reality for talents?

There are many benefits of being part of a company for a long time. How happy are the employees that have been working at the same company for a while?

We analyzed the maximum salary ranges and how they relate to the time they work in the company.

What makes workers look for another job?

Unhappy employees won’t stay in the company for long: there is a war for digital professionals, and they won’t work where they don’t feel comfortable.

The best way to find out how a company can fulfill talent’s expectations is addressing the issues that cause the most discontent. And what makes these professionals uncomfortable?

In our Digital Salary Guide, there is a section dedicated to talking about the reasons that motivate more employees to find another job.

Checking the digital market

These were some of the points approached by The Bridge in the Digital Salary Guide. Enjoy this opportunity to understand the temperature of the regional market and support strategic decisions.

The Digital Salary Guide is split into Latin America and Brazil.

Click the link to access it completely for free:

For Professionals:

For Companies

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