Growing Numbers of Women in Tech – Still a Long Way to Go

February 8, 2023

Gender inequality is a moral and financial issue on a global scale. STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) are the jobs of the future. They were also careers in which women are historically underrepresented.

Some of the most profitable STEM occupations, such as computer science and engineering, have the lowest percentage of working women.

To promote sustainable development, drive innovation, social well-being and inclusive growth, we need more women in STEM.

The global wage gap between women and men has resulted in an overall wealth loss of $160 trillion, according to a World Bank report.

If women earned the same as men around the world, human capital wealth could increase by 21.7% and total wealth by 14.0%, the report highlights.

Current scenario

Within organizations, in 64.9% of cases, women represent at most 20% of technology work teams.

The main positions and areas occupied by women in technology teams are: developer, analyst, management, project, tester and design.

This percentage of positions held by women in IT could grow, as it is not for lack of training, according to the ATN (Information and Business Telecentre Association), 36,300 women graduated in the area are seeking placement in the labor market.

According to the study carried out by the CGEE (Center for Management and Strategic Studies), in the academic field, women already represent 60% of this universe, and with that, specialists hope that they will soon have a growing occupation in IT positions. (Thoughtworks)

Interview with Irina Bezzan, The Bridge’s Managing Director Brazil

Irina Bezzan, Managing Director Brazil of The Bridge startup is an entrepreneur for more than 15 years in StartUps in the area of Events, Education, Technology granted wide ranging interview.

Q1 – There are international studies that state: a greater number of women and executives in a company result in more profits and more harmonious team work. Do you agree?

Irina: “Women have conquered more management positions and now represent 39% of executives with decision-making power. From 2019 until now, the jump was 10%. (Women in Business Survey, 2021, Grant Thornton). Known for their ability to do several things at the same time, and also for having more tact in dealing with people. Of course, it is not a rule, since each person has their own skills.

“Although we have conquered spaces and relevant leadership positions in recent years, the efforts for gender equality, especially in the technological segment, where this disparity is even more visible, need to be constant. There are still paradigms to be overcome for more and more women to develop brilliant careers. There has never been a more favorable moment for this turn of the key. Technology yearns for the expertise of these professionals”.

Q2– Do you agree that women with their empathy and sharp intuition make a difference in recruitment processes, interviews and candidate recruitment?

Irina: The Human Resources area currently focuses on behaviors and emotions that influence employee performance. In this way, women with their multitasking skills, flexibility, empathy and determination, end up standing out and thus drive employees, taking them out of their comfort zone. Having women, as well as having other representations, creates an environment with different perceptions, bringing more efficient results. I suggest reading the book “Emotional Intelligence”, by  Daniel P. Goleman.

Q3- Unfortunately, tech statistics show that women in this industry are still grossly unrepresented. What is the percentage of women employees at “The Bridge”?

The internal team of “The Bridge” has 69% women and 31% men. All of The Bridge with BPOs are 49% women and 51% men. As we have many IT professionals, the male percentage has increased a lot. During the first half of 2021 we invested to open greater opportunities for women working with our clients and we have been able to balance the data, including for leadership and strategic positions. I am heading this process of cultural transformation including themes such as innovation, inclusion and diversity.

Q5– How many and what are the types of jobs that “The Bridge” has available in each of the Latin American countries where it is present?

Irina: We currently have +300 jobs positions throughout Latin America, +50 in Chile, +40 in Argentina, Mexico, Peru and Colombia and +120 in Brazil. The most requested positions are in the Technology area (51%), such as “Product Designer” and “Developer” are at the top of the list.

Irina points out that although women’s participation is growing little by little, there is already something to celebrate.

“At The Bridge Brazil we have more than 150 vacancies open and female participation in our selection processes has grown 60% this year, compared to 2020. The female audience corresponds to 20% of the résumés for the opportunities of System Analyst, Developer(a) Back End and Data Expert. When we analyze the applications for SAP Analyst vacancies, women correspond to 40% of the total”.

Data for four countries in the region (Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico) show that among the 20 skills most in demand by employers, half are directly linked to technology development. Also, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the statistical, software developer, and math trades will grow by 34%, 31%, and 30% by 2026, respectively, but women are not choosing those activities.

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