Digital Nomadism: a growing trend in Latin America

January 12, 2023

Being able to work from wherever you are and enjoying this work model to travel is a growing trend. The post pandemic scenery made remote workers want to improve their lifestyle and have a better work-life balance.

Beginning with the trend of quarantine apartments, remote workers realized they can have a better lifestyle without the need of quitting their jobs. Companies are also more flexible to this kind of choice from their employees. Once workers manage their time, productivity won’t be altered.

There has never been so many digital nomads

For several different reasons, remote workers are looking for a nomad experience more than ever. According to Airbnb, long-term stays (at least 28 nights) have almost doubled the last year.

In 2020, there were 50% more digital nomads in the US than in the previous year, scaling from 7.3 to 10.9 million (MBO Partners). This number has a strong influence on the pandemics, forcing people to discover a new way to work.

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Benefits of a digital nomad lifestyle

With more flexibility at work, and remote arrangements flooding employee’s homes with work, many are looking for a better work-life balance. The new remote worker wants to enjoy their work benefits to improve their lifestyle.

Let’s dive into some of the main benefits:

Traveling & meeting cool places

The number one benefit for digital nomads is becoming a traveler and being able to visit the most amazing places in the world while keeping your income and developing professionally.

Having a flexible schedule

Working remotely brought the chance to have flexible arrangements to personalize your daily work routine. You can save your most productive time of the day (or night) to work and spare time for getaways.

No dress-code or bad work politics

Being forced to fit in a toxic company’s culture is stressful, especially in the presencial format. By working remotely, you don’t need to worry about dressing up for work, nor have to keep up with work politics that don’t make sense to you.

Grow healthier habits

You can be in control of your routine and add to the healthy habits you always wanted to have. Go for a walk at the beach in the morning, cook your vegan meals or meditate in a sacred garden after work – you can build your routine based on what’s important to you.

Learn languages & visit cultures

Exploring the world around you and meeting new kinds of realities is wonderful for both your brain and your heart. As a digital nomad, you can make cultural-diving as part of your routine. The amount of learning and self-discovery that results from this process may surprise you.  

Our digital nomad opportunities

Here at The Bridge we have plenty of opportunities for nomad workers. We work with high-tech firms and important companies spread around the world that offer remote work as the main work benefits.

Check out the 3 best countries to work remotely in Latin America:


The largest spanish speaking country in the world is famous for its wine, beautiful geography and gastronomy. It’s a place to enjoy the Hippodrome traditions, watch and practice sports in nature. In Summer, the water sports on Tigre Delta are a success, and in the Winter, the frozen beauty of Ushuaia holds winter games competitions and an astonishing opportunity to watch natural life.

Jobs to enjoy Argentina:

Data Engineer

UX/UI Designer

QA Automation Engineer


The country is famous for the characteristic food, the paradisiac landscapes and the Mayan ruins has a lot to offer to voracious adventurers. Stage for 27 of UNESCO’s sites, you can decide whether you want to enjoy the paradisiac beaches, the Volcanoes and Canyons or stopping by the city to watch a traditional wrestling contest. Besides the many natural parks, Mexico City is a vibrant shopping & business center.

Jobs to enjoy México:

UX Designer

React Native Developer

Full Stack .Net Developer


The diverse country is the land of Carnival, amazing natural beauties and Soccer. Over there, you can enjoy the amazing beaches and hot weather, the Brazilian coffee and iconic gastronomy. The country has hundreds of astonishing waterfalls and wildlife national parks for those who love being in nature, but also vibrant urban centers. The good music, hospitality and kindness are characteristics of brazilian people.

Jobs to enjoy Brazil:

Product Designer Senior

Arquiteto Cloud AWS

Data Scientist

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Live your best life

Pursuing a quality lifestyle is not a distant dream anymore. Especially for digital professionals, working remotely in a flexible job can represent a significant increase in well-being, happiness and professional fulfillment.

If you are looking to live your best life while achieving your professional goals, we can help you to get to your dream job in great companies. So, are you ready for your next adventure?

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