Brazil offers Residency to Digital Nomads Rocking the Digital Technology Scene

March 3, 2023

People who settle in Brazil and work remotely for a company in another country will now have the right to a temporary visa and authorization to reside in the Latin American giant.

This is dictated by a new Brazilian law of the National Immigration Council, linked to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, and published in the Official Gazette of the Union published on 24 January 2022.

It will probably take some time before consulates actually start granting the visas, say local officials.  (Paris Beacon)

The text defines a “digital nomad” as an “immigrant who remotely, with the use of information and communication technologies, is capable to perform in Brazil their work activities for a foreign employer.”

The interested person may not have any type of contract or employment relationship with Brazilian companies.  The intention is to encourage this type of worker to settle in Brazilian territory and work for global enterprises.

Helping the Economy ‘s Growth

The National Secretary of Justice and President of the National Immigration Council, José Vicente Santini, explained that the regulations respond to a global trend and even contribute to the tourism sector.

“The remuneration of digital nomads comes from external sources, and the resources that these immigrants bring grow the national economy. This is an important step for Brazil to promote one of the most modern work models,” the Secretary pointed out.

Studies show that the pandemic has hastened a trend long in the making. Some of it has to do with the rise of the freelance worker. Nearly 50% of millennials are freelancers.

Anglo-Brazilian Bernardo Carvalho Wertheim, founder and CEO of the Startup The Bridge Social and a former digital nomad himself, agrees fully that the new visa regulations opening Brazil to nomads will be very beneficial for Brazil’s economy.

“Our economy needs tech talent, even if they work remote. They spend their money in the community. They interact with our local community, teach them and raise the bar. Any country wants to attract high quality talent, attract dollars for the local economy and export knowledge not materials only,” pointed out Bernardo.

The Bridge is focused on being a global network for digital creative and technology professionals. After opening offices in Chile, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. The company recently set up shop in the U.S., with the opening of an office in Miami. Bernardo added that the next step will be to settle in Texas and San Francisco.

Candidates for digital nomads in Brazil will have to provide proof of salary equal to or greater than US$1,500, or have a fund of U$18,000 in the bank.

They will also need to attach valid health insurance in Brazil and a non-criminal record statement issued in the country of origin.

Digital nomads have been increasing in recent years, especially with the arrival of the coronavirus. The portal Nomad Life estimates that in 2035 there will be approximately one billion workers leading this life.

According data disclosed last February by the Institute for Applied Economic Research (Ipea), in November 2020 at least 7.3 million people worked from home in Brazil, which represented 9.1% of all Brazilian workers, and a group more prone to nomadism. (Paris Beacon)

Boosting Tourism

The rules, said National Justice Secretary José Vicente Santini, are in line with the global trend and also help boost tourism.

“The remuneration of digital nomads stems from a source overseas, and the funds brought over by these immigrants warms up the Brazilian economy. This is an important step for Brazil in the promotion of one of the most modern labor models,” he stated.

Digital Nomads in Salvador, Bahia

The Digital Nomads program was launched on January 24, 2022 in Salvador by the City Hall., Mayor Bruno Reis. The city’s initiative will offer affordable accommodation prices, fast and free Wi-Fi connection, workspaces in cafes and co-workings, access to technology partners, business possibilities and networking opportunities.

Partners and other entrepreneurs who are interested in working and staying in Salvador, with the possibility of a four-year extension, can access the Digital Nomads website to work and learn about the virtual technology market in the Bahian capital. (Digital Nomads)

Being a digital nomad means that you have decided to become location independent rather than spending your life tied to an office desk. You certainly don’t need to buy courses to learn how to do it simply because this is not a job but a different lifestyle.

Brazil is a continental size country, bigger than the US without Alaska and has pristine beaches, wonderful parks and forests that can inspire the digital nomad in his work. Besides the friendly and hospitable local population. Brazil’s population:  213 million people.

A recent survey commissioned by the German company Statista specialized in market and consumer research, revealed that Brazil is the fourth country where people trust entrepreneurs the most. Conducted in November 2021, the survey covered 28 countries worldwide and heard 36 thousand people who were asked if they trusted companies  (Rio Times Online).

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