5 most in-demand digital talents for 2022

February 8, 2023

Digital talent is strategic to keep companies in their best shape and ready for innovation. These professionals are the ones that operate the technologies that revolutionize the world and boost a company’s capabilities.

As talents are important pieces in the game, startups, fintechs and great disruptive companies have a high demand for them.

The most in-demand digital skills

As we recruit digital talent for top companies in these and other industries, we created an estimation based on our demand for digital professionals for the end of 2021 that reflects next year’s pursuit for skills.

Meet the most in-demand professionals with digital talent for 2022:

1 – Software developer

These professionals are responsible for creating applications, websites and mobile apps. Software developers often dominate a range of coding languages and technologies to create the solutions. As they must translate the client’s view into programs that meet their needs, they must have strong communication skills.

2 – Security professional

The professionals that keep the IT environment safe from threats are indispensable for any serious tech business, growing in demand as companies use more and more data for several operational processes. These professionals are also responsible for knowing about the industry’s compliance laws and regulations.

3 – Artificial Intelligence Architect (IA)

As Artificial Intelligence adoption increases and becomes more popular in products and services, the demand for professionals able to manage the technology is higher than ever. Machine learning and Data Analytics are essential technologies for the talents that aim to work in this segment.

4 – Business Intelligence Analyst (BI)

This professional has the ability of understanding the collected data and using it in decision-making processes. This process helps finding solutions to recurring problems and focus on the business needs and goals. The ability to build reports and analyse databases are required for BI analysts.

5 – DevOps engineer

DevOps engineers can make coding a more assertive service, using techniques to reduce the time spent for programming and failures. This way, they help the coding process and assure its quality. These professionals manage IT infrastructures, software testing and monitor performance.

Preparing for the future

The more digital our society becomes, the more professions tend to evolve to digital versions of themselves. A study by EY, Parson and Manpower Group points to the rise of jobs that didn’t exist in the past, mixing known professions into something new.

In this scenery, the best option for professionals that want to keep being demanded from the market is to keep updated on the latest trends and apply lifelong learning in their lives.

It’s important to notice that, independently of the job post, soft skills remain decisive for filling positions, because it tells if a candidate can adapt to the company’s culture and has the conditions to perform their work the best way possible.

For companies that don’t want to face a severe talent shortage in a few years, it’s important to reskill and train professionals that show potential to assume new challenges in the company.

Easily hiring highly market-demanded talents

Finding and attracting qualified digital talent can be a tricky task, especially because the recruitment process takes time and costs money for each day the position remains open.

Eventually, leaders and managers must ask themselves how great disruptive companies actually hire digital talent in a timely and cost-effective way.

We have a long and successful history of helping global and local companies find strategic talent that boost their business in record time. We are talking of excellent companies, such as Uber, Walmart, Grace Kennedy and Itaú.

If you are facing a strong demand for digital talent, allow us to take care of that for you. Contact us here and start the revolution in your business!

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Refer a UX, Digital or Tech professional and you can win a U$100 gift card from Amazon when your friend gets hired.
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