2021 retrospective: the main trends of the digital world

March 3, 2023

2021 has been a year that consolidated the need for digitization in most industries. Since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemics, digitization was the way that allowed industries to stand up again.

As industries started to bold up their digital transformation strategies in 2021, disruptive companies offered plenty of opportunities for digital professionals.

Let’s review the main topics that have arisen in 2021 in this retrospective:

Diversity & Inclusion

Debates on the importance of a diverse workforce and an inclusive environment to build innovation bloomed in 2021, and many companies worked to build culture in this direction.

Actions for gender equality and the increase of black leadership, especially in technology and innovation companies, stood out in the tech hubs.

Besides we are still far from the ideal scenario towards diversity, these debates have been in vogue, supporting new actions that favor a more diverse work environment.

Latin America stands out

Latin America’s tech hubs have been advancing in 2021, attracting investments and generating highly qualified talent.

Brazil and Mexico’s technological industry stood out this year as the quickest in growth and the largest in investments.

Chile and Argentina also have a strong role in the regional tech market, with great startups and fintechs that push the development of their tech hubs.

Colombia, Uruguay and Jamaica are emerging players into the fintech game in LATAM, gaining more private and governmental investments to build their tech infrastructure.

The new profile of digital professionals

We’ve seen new profiles of professionals developing at a fast pace in the digital industry. With the pandemic, the number of remote or hybrid workers have increased a lot in 2021.

An increase in the number of digital nomads could also be felt in the industry. As new generations get into the digital market, the profile in the industry has changed too.

Industries that led the disruption

2021 was a tough year for companies that didn’t plan their staffing processes, because the demand for digitization grew a lot in most industries. Some of these stood out in their tech development.

The financial and banking and insurance industries have been the greatest in growth and investments, specially in LATAM, where the financial inclusion issue became an opportunity.

The retail sector needed to reshape their operations and supply chain subtly, investing a lot to rebuild their supply chain. The logistics sector also went through a digital transformation to follow the new demand.

The healthcare sector has been investing in innovation both in the medical and administrative department, increasing their capacities through digitization.

The future of work

With the developments of the COVID-19 world crisis, remote work became the only safe way to keep working. As the world gets back on tracks, the future of work doesn’t show signs of going back to what it was.

The trends point to a more flexible work arrangement in general, with the prioritization of remote or hybrid work.

We have also seen a growing trend for mental health care for workers, and how companies are going to address mental illness among their workforce.

Perspectives for 2022

2021 has taught a lot about resilience and adaptation. While in 2020 we had to quickly adapt to the new normal, in 2021 we improved the processes built in the hurry of pandemics’ first strike, being able to take the best from it.

As digitization won’t slow down any time soon, the demand for digital talent will be high in 2022. Initiatives for innovation and digital transformation require highly skilled talent, so, the talent gap has a huge cost for companies.

Our role at The Bridge is to allow companies to aggregate value by adding strategic talent to their projects quickly. You can contact us here and share with our specialists your current challenges.

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