Supporting the CRM migration in a large retail bank

April 4, 2023

Retail bank in strategic technology expansion and CRM migration, looking for a strategic partner with great expertise in Tech and Digital. The Bridge acted in hiring with a focus on Design and Salesforce.

A large retail bank was expanding its team and migrating its CRM to use the Salesforce platform, choosing The Bridge as its partner. Consultants working on this client are focused on Design (Product Design and UX), Salesforce (Devs, Admins and Architects) and PowerCenter disciplines.

The retail bank recognized the importance of technology in enhancing customer experience and streamlining their operations. They were looking for a strategic partner who could provide them with the necessary expertise in tech and digital to achieve their goals. The Bridge, with its extensive experience in hiring top talent in the tech industry, was the perfect fit for this project.

The product design and UX experts from The Bridge helped create an intuitive interface that would make it easy for bank employees to use the new system. They also ensured that the design was user-friendly, so customers could easily navigate through it.

Service: Talent as a Service

Sub-sector: Retail Bank